Metathesis - June 1996
A Chairthing Speaks - andy
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A Chairthing Speaks

To be completely honest, I don't entirely appreciate being referred to as a "thing", but like all faltering democracies whose constitutions are unwritten (or perhaps lost), and so based on precedent, I humbly accept my lot, forced upon me by the elected masses, submit to the tradition, whose origins are forgotten in the mists of time, and become your "chair thing". As for the design of my chair, I hope that it will be more of the Richard Rogers and less of the Daniel Liebskind (with completely no Jackson Pollock). I hope the next year will be a success and icsf will continue in it's valiant struggle. Please enjoy this offering to you for this year, and if you have any criticisms I will expect you to make an offering next year.

Welcome to the wonderful world that is icsf. Let me first give you an idea as to what it is that we do. Imperial College Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Society is our full title. Our role is to help you, the creative, literary person that you are, enjoy the years you are about to spend in the cultural void that is IC. You are a scientist, but as such that is no reason to neglect you're enjoyment of literature, films, art, graphic novels, poetry, or tv. We cater for all tastes and interests in a wide variety of ways.

The icsf Library. This is the small corner of Imperial College Union that is forever ours. Or at least for the next couple of years. Like the tardis, it looks insignificant from the outside but, once passed the leopard, a whole ocean for your imagination awaits. We have a vast collection of over 3,500 books of genre specific fiction, mostly in the sci-fi, fantasy or horror veins. There is also a collection of graphic novels and a small video library. The library is open every lunchtime during term time, between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

Films. Within contemporary society film and tv have become a fulcrum for modern expression. We show a number of films each year at ICU Cinema and organise trips to see the latest releases. We also show videos of those tv series episodes you missed, as well as the more off the wall films which we can not get hold of on reels.

London provides an ideal opportunity to utilise the excellent facilities that are available to the cinema connoisseur, not all of which are as expensive as you might have imagined. You will get the chance to see films before they reach the provinces, and to see films that don't usually make it to your local multiplex.

Picocon. In fan parlance, a con (short for convention) is an occasion for getting together with your friends, in the presence of a number of honoured guests, and having a good time. Picocon is icsf's respected contribution to the world of cons. As you will read later, there have been many and varied Picocons in the history of the society, with guests as well known as Iain Banks and Terry Pratchett, with whom it is usually possible to chat to afterwards in the bar. A number of activities are organised for the day, such as talks and panel discussions by the guests, couch potato video sessions and various dealers in books and other exotica.

Creative. The creation that you now hold in your hand is just one of the superb publications that icsf has produced over the years. If your interests pass beyond the merely consumptive and verge on the creative then let us know, as we are the ideal place for you to hone your talents. You may notice from the graphically challenged nature of these pages that we currently only have one resident artist, so whether cartoons or fine art are your speciality, you will find us a willing vessel of your expression. While if you feel prepared to share with the world your prose or poetry, that too would be gratefully received.

I look forward to your participation over the coming year in all of our multitudinous events, and if you get sufficiently involved you can look forward to being press-ganged on to next years committee (another long running icsf tradition!).