Metathesis - June 1996
Editorial - Sandals
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Oh well. With less than 3 weeks to go before the end of this academic year, we finally get our annual fanzine out. Finally. Once I knew that the publication was going to be so late, I decided to move away from the 100% fiction style of the last two years, and include some pertinent information for freshers - the new blood that icsf most definitely needs. Me, I am old blood, and out of here by the end of September.

This fanzine is very much WYG(ive)IWYG. I make no claims to its quality. I myself seem to be completely incapable of writing fiction, so the general lack of response is not something I can moan about too much. If you find that some of the stories seem to be not very SF I would in some ways agree. However, any attempt to tightly define SF ends up with too many exceptions to the rule, and the stories are definitely genre of some form. If the stories are not up to your standards, ask yourself whether you can produce better. If the answer is "yes!" then I look forward to reading your material next year!


Thanks must go to Catfish and naSti for their much valued help.