The Edge of Tomorrow 2 - 1992
"You've Got To..." - SJR Battersby
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"You've Got To..."

The glittering point of everything, occupying no space or time but quite visible (and in fact rather pretty) from the Eternity, was under the scrutiny of what appeared to be a cloud-topped eye. The singularity was reflected in its deep black pupil. Taking a step back from the scene, it emerged that the cloud was just an unusually impressive white eyebrow, resting in turn under pensively crevasse-riddled brows.

"Come on Boss, it'll wait", came a voice which might have been compared with gravel, if that gravel had been made of platinum. Its owner floated effortlessly nearby, his huge wings evidently just for show. The object of the angel's attentions closed His eyes and allowed Himself and His lieutenant to be elsewhere.

"It's all going to end in anarchy and destruction, however I look at it," the Patrician complained. His voice, though properly glorious, still took on an edge of peevishness. "Huge explosions, horrible radiation everywhere. Not one galaxy even trying to form. The protons and antiprotons are the worst - can't keep them apart whatever I do."

The two sat over golden cups of nectar, which had hardly been touched; it was unquestionably a fine drink, but even Gabriel was beginning to tire of it. He felt hankerings towards brews as yet uninvented; long dark brown drinks with froth on, even opaque pink things with umbrellas. Suddenly it seemed very important that their task be completed. The Boss needed cheering up, and Gabriel decided that an upbeat song was in order.

"You've got to - accennn-tuate the positive, elimmm-inate the negative, latch onnn to the affirmative - don't mess with mister in between..."

In the eyes of the Almighty, a light beganneth to dawn.

SJR Battersby