The Edge of Tomorrow 2 - 1992
Red Dwarf. Series V - Alex McLintock
Faery - Matt Hyde
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Red Dwarf. Series V

faery by Matt Hyde

Episode 1: Holoship.

Thursdays BBC2, 9oclock.

Well it was ok I Suppose. I was extremely uncomfortable by the total failure of most of the jokes in the first few minutes. The canned laughter was horrific. And then... a joke...

LISTER:That thing coming towards us. It could be a missile.
CAT: Well, Raise the defence shields!
KRYTEN: That is an extremely good idea, sir. But with two flaws. 1) We don't have any defence shields and 2) We don't have any defence shields. Strictly speaking that is only one flaw, but it was such a big one that...

After that things got better and back to RD's corny self. Rimmer actually has sex with a girl/ hologram who can say the word 'sex' with five syllables! What a tongue! (what's her phone number?) The holoship captain was a man after my own steel heart. Did he remind anyone of one of the lawyers in LA Law? Craig Charles didn't have much to say, and is looking sillier.

verdict: worth staying in for.

Alex McLintock