The Edge of Tomorrow - October 1991
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The Edge of Tomorrow is A Freshers' Fanzine produced by
the Imperial College Science Fiction Society (c) 1991

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page 3 Editorial Alex McLintock
page 4 Bookshops galore: where we go to buy SF, Fantasy, and Horror.
But no mention of Textbooks, (well not much anyway)
page 5 About us Paul Davison
page 6 Matt's comic bit Matt
page 7 Play Review: Return To The Forbidden Planet EYESHADOW
rec.arts.sf-lovers Alex McLintock
page 8 Films! what we are showing, where and when.

Written by Steve Brewster, Ginny Rose Cogman, Paul Davison, Matthew Hyde, Alex McLintock, Steve Newhouse, Michael Spiller.

Thanks to Bob Speer, The print unit, Rob the 0'perator, Rebecca, Nick Wheeler, The Illumination Committee, The Evil One, Cosmic, the Madhatter.

Apologies for any mistakes, falsehoods, omissions, small blue furry creatures, etc. are given unreservedly

All opinions are that of the writer of the article, not Imperial's.

Large apologies to Amanda, Sorry I couldn't fit an Illumination flyer in here somewhere. I should have made it twelve pages, no? Eastercon 92! GO!

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