The Edge of Tomorrow - October 1991
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7pm, room ME220
Mechanical Engineering Building
(more details on posters later)

October 91
8th- Flatliners
15th- Flash Gordon
22nd- Frankenstein Unbound
29th- RoboCop 2

November 91
12th- Mad Max
26th- The Fly 2

December 91
10th- Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind

And more next term...

A large number of our members are only interested in the films.
Along with the Projectionist and Treasurer I will try to see every film this year. But we get in free. You don't unless its your first film as a member. Of course you could help set up the film before hand and help pack up afterwards as payment.
Sound good? - No?
Typical student attitude.

Assistant Film Projectionist is one of the positions traditionally left for first year students, with the hope that they become Projectionist full time in the second year. So consider this as an opportunity to see loads of films, just for sitting still!

new members only members only

Food & Drink

On Friday, the fourth of October, we will be holding a Freshers' free food and drink video session in the new Senior Common room (SCR) in Beit.
Alternatively the library will be open for browsing.

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