The Edge of Tomorrow - October 1991
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Return To The Forbidden Planet (Play review)

This brilliant show is currently running at the Cambridge Theatre, near Covent Garden/ Leicester Square tube. From the moment you walk into the spaceship (whoops sorry, theatre) you realise that you have entered the comfortable world of B-movie SF. ("Reverse Polarity!", "Check dilithium crystal rods!", "It's not logical, Captain!") This neatly woven in with such gems as "I'm all shook up" (with Prospero doing Presley knees), "She's not there" (a five minute guitar solo for Cookie), "Good Vibrations", "Great Balls of Fire" (during an Asteroid attack), and other well known numbers. Shakespeare is brutally parodied throughout, ("Two bleeps, or not two bleeps? That is the question!") since the show is based on the film "Forbidden Planet", which was based on his "Tempest". The whole show ends with the audience dancing to songs like "Johnny be good" and screaming for more.

The show runs Mon-Sat evenings and Fri-Sat matinees. The Friday matinee is especially recommended as all seats in the house are £9.50. At other times seat prices range from £9.50-£20 (approx)

See you there!


rec.arts.sf-lovers:-(part of a world wide bulletin board/news system)

If you can read rec.arts.sf-lovers then you are one of a privileged group of people who chat on the ultimate party-line. The reason why it's so ultimate is that there are thousands of people all over the world sitting in front of computers connected up to this gigantic network of communication lines, and what they would rather do is talk about something else. It something like a magazine consisting entirely of reader's letters. I regularly have to sift through 200 articles a day expounding everything from highbrow criticism of the scenes cut from Alien to flames on which was the greatest sf novel of all time. 'Flames' axe the electronic equivalent to shouting in someone's ear "NO, I THINK THAT YOU ARE TALKING UTTER BO***X". There are other news-groups on Dr Who, StarTrek, Fantasy, TwinPeaks, comics, British TV, etc etc. The downside is: 1 It's bloody addictive. 2 You need a computer account in the Department of Computing, not the IC Computer Centre. Ah, oh well...

Alex McLintock,

Imperial College

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