The Edge of Tomorrow - October 1991
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Matt's comic bit

[and I'm not saying which bit it is - Ed]

Forbidden Planet - 71 New Oxford St.
It's the BIG one. It's well laid out, often a little expensive (but there is still the odd bargain), and they are usually the first to get imports. A big choice of everything.

Gosh! - 39 Great Russell St. (opposite British Museum)
Nice place. Again it is easy to find things, it's usually cheap and has a pretty good selection of back issues. This is THE place to go for funny comics (especially reprints) and weird independent.

Paradise Alley - Down an alley next to Andy's Guitars in Denmark St.
This place is tiny and only stocks back issues, but they're cheap and finding stuff takes a little time but it's O.K. when you get used to it. This is the place to go for collectable Sci-Fi merchandise, ie Dr Who, Space 1999, Thunderbirds etc.

Comic Showcase - 76 Neal Street
A good shop in a general "all round" way. They have original artwork (if you're rich) and a wide range. Not really the best at anything but a good solid stockist.

Fantasy Inn - Under the BookInn, 17 Charing Cross road behind Leicester Square.
This is organised chaos. Finding what you want in here gives a real sense of achievement. However, once found it is usually cheap and independent titles flourish within.

Virgin - either Oxford St. or Marble Arch.
At times these have some rare items (not often) and sometimes the odd bargain (even less often) but generally you will leave with full knowledge of why Richard Branson is a millionaire and you're broke.

The Fantastic Store - Portobello road.
This shop never ceases to amaze. It's small and doesn't seem to have that many comics, but it still has more of the ones you want than any other store?! They're usually cheap with it, but it's a good walk (equidistant between two tube stations) and has strange opening hours. Best you go when the market's on.

Meanwhile - 6A Camden Road (Camden Town)
New, small, not cheap, don't like it. Each to his own.

Mega City comics - 18 Inverness St. Camden Town
This shop isn't bad at all. Usually a lot of cheap stuff and a great selection of back issues. The problem is you have to go to Camden & it's a long way. It isn't really, I'm just lazy


[Matt is probably the most dedicated comics fan/student that I know. He sometimes writes reviews for Felix, the college newspaper, hence the large amount he has written when compared to the usual committee member (typically a physics fresher) - Ed]

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