The Edge of Tomorrow - October 1991
A Day in the life of a Sci-Fi officer - Paul Davison
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This is where our library is. You can usually find someone looking after it at lunchtime, and Wednesday afternoon.

A Day in the life of a Sci-Fi officer

Stumbling blearily out of bed at an obscene hour of the morning (say 10:30) a sci-fi committee officer finds himself (or herself, of course, in these enlightened days ) in a position of immense responsibility.

As a member of a small but elite group (or in the case of 'ordinary' members, a large but elite group) anyone involved with the day to day running of the society will very soon realise that one pre-requisite for such a job is a total lack of any grip on reality. But then, when reality is life at Imperial college, this could be considered something of an advantage...

Sterling work needs to be done at the society, in liaison with IC Union and other sf-societies. And if we can get it done in the morning, we can get the afternoon off. So, after a hard morning sitting in the sci-fi library (which is, incidentally [plug,plug] very well stocked, and includes a growing video library), the afternoon can be spent down the pub.

Not that any of us actually do that, of course. We go to the pub much earlier. Oh, and we squeeze a few lectures in here and there as well.

Paul Davison

Paul edited our fanzine last year, but due to pressure of work, has decided to pass on this wonderful job to someone else. Takers for this job should submit a cv (of no more than three words: first name, second name, department) to the library. Unsolicited manuscripts are welcomed but please keep a copy yourself, and make it readable. - Ed

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