The Edge of Tomorrow - October 1991
Bookshops in London -
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Bookshops in London

Dillons - High Street Kensington
Probably the largest bookshop close to IC and the College halls. Handy if you fancy a quick browse. Sf & fantasy coverage is fairly good, with most of the popular authors represented.
Though Forbidden Planet is much better. Large selection of textbooks, although how good a selection I don't know.

Dillons - Gower Street (near to ULU)
The SF selection is among the best of the non-specialist shops. Dillons is also very good for textbooks.

Waterstone's - Charing Cross road, Brompton road, and others
One of the classiest bookstore chains. A pleasure to walk through. I can't remember what their sf/fantasy/horror was like though. I just remember it being very conservative, (classics and best sellers)

Forbidden Planet - New Oxford Street
First things first, we should tell you that we all frequent FP. Don't be surprised if you bump into one of us there. (If you do you're stuck with us - although FP is often crowded it's big too. You'll find it easy to lose us) So why does the icsf committee gravitate there? It's because of the books, mostly. ICSF's library is replenished by means of book buys, which start at FP more often than not. The p/back coverage there is probably the best around, and the hardback section bristles with selective oddities (numbered limited editions, rareties, signed copies, and sometimes some genuinely weird stuff). Browsing in FP is a painless way to find out what's new in hardback. Reduced price books have a little corner all to themselves, look out for remaindered hardbacks.
The ground floor has a wide range of comics [see Matt's bit -Ed], posters, models, badges, t-shirts and other SF ephemera which will keep collectors happy. Much of this is interesting, and expensive.
Other miscellany: there is a good selection of current magazines(Locus, Analog, etc) and a varied assortment of videos for sale.
[A very important thing to be wary of is that FP is right next to two banks which usually means a quick jaunt off to the cash machine. -Ed]

A note on Textbooks from Stephen B
You would be well advised not to buy any textbooks until you are absolutely sure you need some. Textbooks cost a fortune, and the college libraries often let you borrow "indefinitely" [I agree whole heartedly -Ed]

Advert for Secondhand bookshop

ICU bookstore - On walkway, Imperial College.
It's near. Its got textbooks. It pretends to have some fiction, but doesn't have much. It's no cheaper than anywhere else.

Blackett Books - Physics, near Blackett Lab, Imperial College
This is a great place to drop in because it's so near. There is usually something interesting on the rack outside, and being a second hand bookstore it's cheap(er). It is not always open, however. The opening times have confused me for years.

Foyles - Charing Cross road
Avoid, avoid, avoid, as the Guide said to the BugBlatterBeast hunter. This place will almost certainly have the book you are after, if it is a text book. It might have it if its fiction. But no matter which one you are after, it will take you an hour to find it. It is impossible to get into on Saturday, and it takes ages to pay, even if you figure out how to do it.

Virgin MegaStore - Tottenham Crt Rd, and Oxford Street.
Ground floor contains a range of records, CD's and tapes. The basement has a large selection of videos. Tucked away on the Tottenham crt rd side of the store is the software department. Arcade and strategy games for the Amiga, Atari, IBM PC, Gameboy, and others.

Virgin Games - Further along Oxford Street. Half the ground floor is occupied with the computer software seen in the megastore. The remainder is given over to board and war games. These cover period simulations of 19th Century battles through to the conflicts of World War II and Vietnam. Also available are the contemporary scenarios which allow modern weapons and tactics. Raised above the ground floor is an area allocated to Role Playing Games, where the basic sets, source books, scenarios, and supporting magazines are available.

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