The Edge of Tomorrow - October 1991
Editorial - Alex McLintock
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After a long holiday, good hard work putting this bas***d together has been a welcome break. I am actually quite surprised about the number of people contributing to this first flyer. And very disappointed about the number of companies who didn't reply about advertising.

In this booklet we have put in information about bookshops, comic stores, and other things of interest to newcomers to London. I couldn't get anyone to write anything about cinemas, probably because no one goes much. (thanks Matt, I couldn't get you to write that too) We have tried not to duplicate information given by other sources, such as the ICU handbook, or Time Out.

Secondly we want to introduce you to icsf, The Imperial College Science Fiction Society, (which I tactfully put on the bottom of each page ;-) There is a lot about what we are doing this coming term, and what you can do to get involved. (Anyone interested in being Editor of the next Fanzine?)

If you are interested in other types of fiction please drop in and have a chat. We would love to see Imperial reading more than just their academic reading list. We are also short of artists and illustrators, but that is a problem with IC.

If you don't want to keep this flyer then please try to return it. There is far too much paper wasted at Freshers' Fair.

Alex McLintock (ChairEntity and Editor)

Imperial College

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