The Dream Twister - September 2003
Prologue: Dreamscape - Alex Crosse
Illustrations - Simon Clay
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Prologue: Dreamscape

Light failing, darkness falling, running, always running. Must escape. Shadows rising from the darkened wings, reaching for her, clutching at her dress. Inanimate objects move to meet here, blocking her way, trapping her between their huge frames. The darkness oozes towards her. Around her the light is dying, a small, slowly receeding circle of safety soon to be snuffed out by the endless night. The shadows creeps towards her. It touches her toes and she screams...

and then...              


"Where am I?"

"You are here."

"Where is here?"

No answer.

"Am I dreaming?"

No answer.

"Who are you?"

A pause.

"I am you. I am the you who you dream of every night. I am the you who lives your dreams. I am the you who cowers in terror. I am the you who runs, who falls, who screams, who claws at her face; I am the you who begs for the morning. With the rise of the sun you wake, you escape to another world. The morning is your salvation, but for me that salvation never comes. But now you are here, here in my world, the world where the morning never comes.

Come sit with me. Close your eyes and let slumber claim you. Embrace this land, the land where the worlds of reality and imagination meet, where everything and nothing is real. Close your eyes, and let me tell you a thousand stories, stories of peace, stories of pain, of joy and anguish, of death and rebirth, of glory and destruction. A thousand tales you will never tell, images you will see and not remember, scenes you will act and not keep... but I remember them, I remember them all. Close your eyes see what I see, feel what I feel, live what I live. Close your eyes and pray for peace as you walk this dreamscape, lest the darkness finds you. Take my hand and we will walk this land together..."

And as she slips quietly into silent slumber she hears the voices whisper;

"Night, night; sweet dreams..."

The Dreamer Twister by Simon Clay