Axiom - February 2000
Havoc - Mansoor Choudhury
Marine - James Shirvill
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They call me Havoc. I was with Napoleon and Caesar when they subdued all Europe. I crossed the Alps with Hannibal and I swept through Asia with the Golden Horde. I was with General U.S. Grant at the battle of Chattanooga (damned good fight) and was at Eisenhower's side when he launched D-Day. The point is I've been in more battles than anyone else. I've lost sometimes but hell, being on the losing side just means you get a bigger thrill.

Not that from here you understand. I probably came here to Earth sometime during the rule of Rameses II. I was just out getting some R&R between wars in my own system when I floated here to check out this place as a possible wargames staging ground. Imagine my surprise when I found a bunch of semi-intelligent organics -squishies is what I call them- who'd do that for me anyway. I know the Hierarchy back home would probably object to my being here but I haven't had this much fun in astrocycles. And the astonishing thing is these squishies learn so fast. One moment they're pelting each other spears and arrows and a hibernation cycle later they're blowing each other away to kingdom come with gunpowder.

Sure there have been the killjoys you get on every planet. The ones that say if everyone would just do away with the wars and desolation the world would be a better place. But what would they have their warriors do? Salvage asteroids? Sing hymns to their deity thanking them for plentiful harvests and yet another decade of boredom? That is the way of stagnation, the path to extinction. Of course there have been times when I've begun to wonder whether its' time to leave and see what else is out there. But they always throw up some new toy that makes me want to stick around just a little bit longer. First it was the horse-driven chariot. Other favourites include the longbow (Agincourt was something like 89.237% mud), barbed-wire, the flanking cavalry charge and of course the nuke. The nuke had me worried a while. I thought that meant the end of my own little set of toy soldiers.

Come to think of it I will most likely leave in a few vorns. Archcommander Fortress did mention he would be launching a Grand Offensive against the Paradrons about 2008 AD. I won't mention my own hideaway to anyone. It's not like these squishies a serious threat to us. However, if they ever make anything out of that absurd Star Wars missile scheme, I'd probably be executed for negligence. If it ever comes to war though, I'd think I'd be on the side of the squishies. Whatever the outcome, they're definitely the most exciting sub-intelligent life this side of Seibertron.

Mansoor Choudhury

marine - james shirvill