Axiom - February 2000
ChairEntity's Wiffle - Lorna
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ChairEntity's Wiffle

Having instructed all the committee to write at least one piece for the fanzine, I figured I'd better actually write something. So at 9.30 on the evening of the deadline here I am, being pathetic, being in, listening to a 'borrowed' CD of They Might Be Giants (very good IMHO) failing dismally to be creative. So here I am slaving away over my keyboard failing dismally to write anything intelligent. On the subject of unintelligent stuff, why don't I review the year for those of you who may have not been present (in either mind or body) for the icsf year so far.

snow sheepThe year started off in a calm and orderly fashion, compared to something like the weather system of
the Indian sub-continent. After about 3 months of the library being in boxes scattered around campus we finally got the keys to the new 'icsf portacabin experience' (as described by a certain union sab.) three days before the beginning of term. Thanks to a hard working crew of mugs <cough> volunteers, we actually managed to get everything in and ready for the hordes of enthusiastic freshers, kinda.

We bravely entered fresher's week, we weren't actually able to stop time, although we did try quite hard. Fresher's fair led to lots of people signing up, who were never seen again, but there were actually quite a lot of new people who not only joined, but occasionally even visit the library, or come to an event <shock, horror>

Our first main event of the year was a talk by Juliet E. McKenna, a recently published fantasy author. She talked about the trials and tribulations of getting a book published and apparently liked the place so much that she's coming back for Picocon.

Throughout the term we showed Crusade episodes, the short lived Babylon 5 spin-off, starting with a showing of A Call to Arms on a 'biggish' screen, as the posters said ..."featuring a bloody big space ship", what more can you ask for?.

lost sheepOur other main event of the term was a Magic the Gathering gathering, co-hosted with Wargames society. It was an entertaining night (so I'm told, I was hiding in the bar) and Wargames were overwhelmed with new members... we were thrilled for them, honest.

Other events included a couple of book crawls, where the literary members of the society spent money and many bar nights where the piss heads of the society spent money. Funny how there's not much of an overlap between the two groups. There were two Christmas dinners, one open one in Sugos (the traditional holiday lasagne?) and a committee dinner catered for by the icsf flat. (Cooking a 16-pound turkey and all the trimmings for 11 people is not for the weak hearted! Trust me.)

As for this term, little has actually happened in the last four weeks, other than a small amount of quiet
stressing about Picocon and lots of very loud stressing about Picocon! There have been a couple of fairly informal cinema trips to see some of the sudden rush of horror films showing this January and a well attended book crawl.

We've got a few more events planned for the rest of the year, the Matrix on a 'biggish' screen, a marathon showing of something for RAG, a trip to the IMAX to see Fantasia 2000, book crawls, barnights, video showings and lots of other stuff.

shy sheepRandom other things to note so far this year are the major overhaul of the icsf webpages ( including a large history section for which all donations are gratefully received. We've now got over 4200 items in the library and 75 members, we've also grown new life-forms in the mugs outside the library and discovered that buying Sainsbury's Economy chocolate chip biscuits makes the cookie collection last much longer. A truly productive year I think you'll agree.

Finally, I'd like to thank all the people who've given up time, energy and brain cells for the society this
year, especially random people who aren't actually committee members. I hope you enjoy the fanzine,
lots of people have worked long and hard on it and although I'm writing this without seeing it, I can be 100% certain it will be better than last years.

Finally, I've been asked to give an explanation for the sheep. <sigh> in a nut shell - I'm a third year physicist and I go to lectures. I have random thoughts. I never imagined some bloody dragon would turn them into an publicity campaign.