Axiom - February 2000
Brownian Thoughts - Lorna
Under Construction - Lorna
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Brownian Thoughts

Do you know how a pocket watch works? They're beautiful things - they have the hint of a perpetual motion about them. All whirly-gigs and twiddles (technical terms). There's one sitting on the desk in front of me. A plain white face in a big golden case. It's a bit larger than normal about palm size, very white rabbit (was his watch oversized? I don't really know). Anyway it's a nice watch, provokes the image of kids sitting on Grandpa's lap watching the twirling motions inside. Shame it's electric really.

I've just been told that this isn't the correct way to write a story. Apparently I should plan and edit and complicate things. But frankly :oP (accompanied with raspberry sounds). I can't be bothered, too much like hard work. And at least my page got finished in slightly under 5 days ;0)

Do you think it's possible to have no imagination? I think my parents must have done a custom install on me. Accidentally deticked (herm.. new word?) the imagination and decided on extra worry. Or maybe it was like a burger! One child, extra sulkiness, hold the imagination.

(Mopey, moopy, moapy, moppy, mopy.)

Sorry about the random words someone asked for spelling advice (my English teacher is choking on her shortbread somewhere). Well actually the someone is our household dragon - everyone should have one - replaces matches, boilers and guard dogs - just $54.99 only available airmail.

Sorry, back to the subject which was... erm... pocket watches. Apparently the white rabbit's watch was very large; the draggy thought the same thing when he saw it. Bit creepy when that sort of thing happens - the dormouse and I have a habit of doing that - thinking the same things at the same time and knowing the other is thinking it too (bad sentence -go sit in the corner - too many things and thinks). That scares the draggy quite nicely ;o) Ooh look there's a link - white rabbits and dormice!! Mind you, the draggy might eat the rabbit... dunno what draggy eats <fish!!> I doubt he eats bloody-minded equines though so I'm all right. Not quite sure I'm happy being referred to as a donkey but I've been called worse things <walrus!!> - lets not refer to the 'walrus' incident <walrus!!>. <Search for large blunt object>

<Wiping blood off hands> Hrmm.. End of thought train - woowoo, everybody off, last stop for Sanity, train now departing for Weirdness, Randomness and Downright Absurd!

Chiral is a weird word, sounds very nice (yes I do have a vague idea what it means and no I don't care). Pronounced how it looks, it sounds like a small village in Kent or somewhere, probably produces lots of cider. But properly pronounced it gives the impression of a mythical beast or something. Sorry - word caught my eye - too much chemistry stuff in this room.

Have you noticed the weird time dilation effect with writing? I've been writing for 1/2 hour or so but you've only been reading it for a couple of minutes (and I know I haven't had many thoughts in that time, I'm sure you could have a start of Fermat's last theorem by now). So the paper kinda swallows time like some black hole thingy. (another technical term, 3 years of Physics have really paid off.) Maybe I should make you read this three times to lessen the affect, but it seems cruel to inflict so many of my thoughts on you. I have little option but to suffer them. You however can go do something more interesting like read something by someone who can actual write sense. So go on. Shoo!


'under construction' by Lorna