Axiom - February 2000
Recapitulation - L J P Kilford
(page 16/18)


I have been everything we have ever been.

When I was born I swam the polluted seas that the First were born to. I scavenged dying fish in shallow pools, and hooted my defiance to a sunless sky.

Later I crawled onto a golden beach, and gasped my first breath of stale air. The cold chilled my bones, and I remember everything.

I fought in every war that we have ever had. I used a gun, a knife and at last my bare hands to kill.

There is no castle that I have not fought my way into, no last ditch in which I have not died.

But all of that is over. Today I come into my inheritance, lay claim to what I have been born to.

Today I become adult. Only today am I truly born.

L J P Kilford