Axiom - February 2000
Editorials - Lloyd, Lorna
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This is the ICSF Fanzine, back after a one-year sabbatical to showcase the artistic talents of the Society. There are an interesting range of stories here ... which, I suppose, reflects the interesting range of members that ICSF has <grin>.

It has been interesting being the Editor - but I am very grateful that I can now hand on my job to someone else. On the plus side, I have learnt many ways to wheedle, beg or otherwise grovel for submissions and I have no doubt that this is a useful life experience. Everyone should do it at least once ... if only so that everyone else can watch.

To everyone who submitted content for this fanzine and the Wyrmtongues that have led up to it, thank you very much indeed. Your help has been most valuable to me: without everyone else there is no magazine. I am pleased that so many people contributed stuff ...this makes the whole thing much better, in my opinion.
I would like to thank James Shirvill, who is also a member of ICU ComicSoc, for the artwork he has supplied over the year.

My message to everyone is to read, watch and absorb absolutely everything you can, in order to broaden your knowledge of the science fiction and fantasy worlds. Every genre has something unique to offer, something new to know.

It is said that a man once saw Death in the marketplace of his home town, and Death was startled by him. The man ran away, to hide with his brother in the far city of Samarkand. The man's wife was horrified, and accosted Death, to ask him why he had frightened her husband.
"I was surprised, because I have an appointment with that man at sunset. In Samarkand."

This story lives in T H White's The Sword in the Stone sequence of books (of all places).


Here's the second editor's bit, just a brief note from me to thank all the people that have helped produce this bloody <cough> amazing publication.

I started the process of the design of this fanzine on Friday night, it is now Monday night. I therefore owe many thanks to my poor housemates who have put up with me grumping at them for the last 3 days, week, okay year and a half. Especially to Chris (the only non-committee person resident this weekend) for listening to me ranting and raving and for offering many cups of tea.

I owe what's left of my sanity to the dormouse who has put up with me for far longer than I deserve and produced artwork at a truly amazing rate. I promise I'll not leave you to go to any more 9 o'clock lectures by yourself... well maybe just tomorrow's....

Despite a horribly messy collision of sulks the draggy and I haven't killed each other (or been massacred by the dormouse) so I thank him for his patience and grovel for him to forgive my shouting at him. As a warning to whoever takes this job over - Beware artists!

Special mentions go to all those who donated stuff, to Adam for the large amounts of hot chocolate provided over the last year, to Cedric the pooter for being relatively stable <touch wood> and to McVities and Coca Cola.

I hope you enjoy this fanzine, loads of people have put blood, sweat and a few tears into it, so please take the time to read it properly.

Enough of the Oscar speeches, go away and read stuff.


flock of sheep, by Lorna