Arcs - June 1994
Afterglow (fugue) - Luke Gietzen
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Afterglow (fugue)

Lying on my back in the aflerglow, smoking gently.

I pull hard on the cigarette, watch its tip flare red. Still inhaling, I swallow the glowing stub, feel its heat inside my body.

The room begins to spin, motionless, my skin begins to molt from me, flickering flesh on the spreading pool of our bed, gliding liquid sensations over my muscle.

I lie raw for a beat in the pulsation of the walls, then glance to my side where she lies. Rising (my hair falls into the mire) caressing softly, I trail my hands down her body, stopping to delicately remove her fingernails. Skin sloughs under my touch until she lies naked beneath me, breathing faster now.

I unhook sinew and tendon to lend greater scope to our contortions. Joints dislocated, limbs twisted we couple in the sinking flood of our juices. Slipping my hands under bared muscle, I unravel her chest and pan her ribcage.

I slip inside her. Sighing gratefully, she receives me, enfolding me in her slick embrace. The sheets fold about us in waves, beating in rhythm as the room unfurls, wallpaper peeling to reveal the matter behind. Buoyed up in a lake of our fluid we tumble towards the red flare.

of the cigarette between my lips.

I shift slightly in the sticky sheets. She has left my side.