Arcs - June 1994
Scars - Luke Gietzen
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'I mean, doesn't it make you wonder what's gonna come next?'


'I mean the next big thing, you know. Tattoos, piercing, this shit . what's gonna come next? Gonna have to be pretty strong. Something even I'd find too far out.'

'Yeah, I see what you mean, that's gotta be something bad.'

'Heh I mean you know about the transparent skin shit they got in Chiba, right?'

'Uh huh. That started out as a medical replacement thing. They couldn't get the texture right, it was just see straight through to your muscle.'

'Yeah? Saw a guy with his whole back laid open, I mean you could see his spine an' shit. Beautiful.'

'Doubt yo' mom an' dad'd think so.'

'That's what I'm saying; different generations. Christ, I got a picture of my old man with a chain in his nose an' that was as radical as it got. They couldn't imagine the shit we do now.'

'Good job they're dead.'

'Yeah But that's my point, Lace. What the fuck are my kids gonna be doin' with their bodies?'

'Kids? Man, I seen the work you had done on that cock, think some bitch's gonna marry that?'

'Hey, the pain honeys down on Melrose dig this little fucker, y'understand?'

'Yeah, right 'fore it digs through them '

'Heh. But like even now there's shit so gross, we can't imagine it, y'know what I'm saying?'

'I dunno, Karl, it's my job to design it.'

'Yeah, yeah, but even that face tattoo with the dude's eyeballs done up like circuits, even that's gonna be tame, you know.'

'Thought it was pretty extreme. Nearly burst his fuckin' eyes with my needle An' the bone stuff was heavy. Rings through his brows?'

'Yeah, yeah. Never liked it when they just hung there on a bit of skin.'

'Don't talk awhile Karl, doin' your lips.'


"Less you want me t' staple 'em together'

The rings arrayed through his lips, meshing like gears a second set of teeth; the razor blades widened the smile; the scars.