Arcs - June 1994
Editorial - Luke 'n' jk
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This year's fanzine is a departure from last time's effort (as those of you who bothered to read 'Xenomorph' will no doubt appreciate) in that it is composed entirely of fiction This was because we felt that new short stories would generate more interest in the genre than a series of reviews and opinions of already existing works, plus, people were actually interested in contributing their own stories.

The stories themselves all seem to share some common ground, although their approaches are different, consciousness and flesh are the driving forces behind all the stories, which are mainly introspective. The themes behind our fantasy trilogy are, however, knob gags and midgets. Enjoy,

Luke 'n' jk

PS, due to requests for a free gift in this issue, you should find your free condom attached to the front cover. If you haven't got one, you probably wouldn't have needed it anyway.