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Picocon 24

Picocon 24 took place on Saturday 17th February 2007 at Imperial College Students Union on Prince Consort Road in South Kensington, London.

Picocon 24 was a very sucessful convention, raising a great deal of money for both the society and RAG - of particular note was the bidding war during the Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise, which saw 'The Spot' (a respray of a spiderman figue) sold for an absolutely incredible amount of money.

 Guests of Honour

Born in Leeds, England, Charles knew he wanted to be a science fiction writer from the age of six. He made his first professional sale, the short story 'The Boys' to Interzone in 1986. He began writing fiction in earnest again in 1998, including titles such as the singularitypunk 'Accelerando', the cross-genre Lovecraftian SF spy thriller 'The Atrocity Archive', and the acclaimed space opera 'Singularity Sky' and its sequel 'Iron Sunrise'.


Ken has studied Zoology, researched in biomechanics and worked as a computer analyst. Now a full-time writer, he has published several novels including the politically-charged postcyberpunk Fall Revolution series, beginning with 'The Star Fraction', the post-singularity space opera 'Newton's Wake' and the UFOlogical alternate history/space opera Engines of Light series beginning with 'Cosmonaut Keep'. Ken's homeland of Scotland is portrayed in a variety of forms in his science fiction.

Farah is a lecturer at Middlesex University in London, a critic and writer on science fiction. She has written and edited a number of titles on the subject, including The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction (co-edited with Edward James), which won the 2005 Hugo Award for Best Related Book. She is currently the editor of 'Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction'.


Membership for the whole day is:

£4 for ICSF members
£6 concessions (with valid ID) - students/DHSS/OAP/children
£8 full price

ICSF membership is not required for attending Picocon.



Time Event
10:00am Doors Open
10:30am Welcome, and Talk by Ken MacLeod (topic TBD)
11:30am "Writing SF whilst living through a singularity", talk by Farah Mendlesohn
12:30am Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise Auction
2:00pm Interview and Q&A with Charlie Stross
3:00pm Guests of Honour Panel Discussion "SF & Politics" and Q&A
4:00pm Turkey Readings
4:30pm The Ministry of Silly Games
5:30pm Not A Fish Duel
6:00pm SF&F Quiz (Da Vinci's Bar)