ICSF Origami X-Wing Folding

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to make an origami x-wing, as seen at Picocon 22, and demonstrated by Alex Crosse. He is a proper Origami club person; the terribly un-technical descriptions are entirely my (Dormouse's) fault.

This was done using a 15cm-square of thin paper, coloured on one side and white on the other - the x-wing ends up coloured all over.

When making folds, try to be as precise as possible, particularly when folding a corner in half! Some of the folds get very thin at the end.

Step 1 Start with the coloured side (here blue) face up.
Step 2 Fold along one diagonal, open it up, then fold along the other. In this picture, the folds are such that that paper forms a cup (rather than a hill).
Step 3 Turn the paper over, and fold horizontally, open up again, then vertically. These folds end up in the opposite direction to the previous ones.
Step 4 Squash the paper together, inwards along the folds, so that this square shape is formed.
Step 5 Fold one of the closed flaps towards the centre
Step 6
Step 7 Then unfold the flap, and fold it back on itself, the other way.
Step 8 Unfold the flap again, and open up the inside and squash it flat.
Step 9
Step 10 Fold one white side down to the centre.
Step 11 Unfold it.
Step 12 Tuck it under the bit that it just folded over.
Step 13 Push it under further, so that the diagonal it lies under goes right to the centre.
Step 14 Repeat on the left.
Step 15 Repeat with all the other 3 folds.
Step 16 Fold the small central point downwards. Also do this on the opposite side - but leave the remaining 2 central points as they are.
Step 17 Rotate by 90deg so that the 'legs' are nearest you
Step 18 Fold over one side flap, like turning the page of a book
Step 19 Fold the 'leg' near you upwards, folding horizontally in the middle
Step 20 Fold the 'leg' back down
Step 21 Pinch the leg inward towards the centre, as shown
Step 22 Continue pinching so that the leg ends up folded inside and sticking out at 90 degrees.
Step 23 Finished folding it flat.
Step 24 Repeat for the other 3 legs.
Step 25 Probably the most fiddly stage: Fold the long side in half, into the centre. This will start to drag the top line of the leg with it, don't worry.
Step 26 Finish folding flat
Step 27 Fold the leg flat too - this folds it in half
Step 28 Repeat on the other side
Step 29 And again for all the others. Then get it so that the engines at the bottom are split vertically down the middle, as shown.
Step 30 Fold one engine back into itself, between the wings
Step 31
Step 32 Fold the 2nd engine too
Step 33 Open up the fold along the top part of the wings
Step 34 Reverse-fold the wingtip back and inside, as shown in these 3 pictures
Step 35
Step 36
Step 38 Repeat with the other 3 wings
Step 37 Finished! :)