Picocon 2002 - Killer rules

Due to the extreme success of "Killer" in 2000, we will be running an all day game of "Killer" running during Picocon this year. The idea of the game is to "kill" other players (in a non-permanent manner) while not being killed by the other players. You score points for every one that you take out.

This game has previously been run by ICU RAG with great success; the money raised by the game will be donated to the RAG charities.

When you join the game you take on the badge of a famous science fiction character, such as Darth Vader, Wesley Crusher or the Alien. You are traced throughout the day by this.

There will be Security throughout the Union building - these people will have real weapons and marshal the game.

In short: have fun, without damaging anyone else or the building, secure in the knowledge that you are helping to raise money for the RAG charities.

Official Rules

[Please either adhere to these rules at all times, or bribe the security staff in a discreet and professional manner. All bribes will go to RAG, and our security staff have their reputations to consider, so please be generous when you use monetary persuasions or other equivalents.]

When you enter the game you will be given an identity badge, please have this visible at all times when you are playing. You will be targeting others by their identities not their names. You will be given three targets - eliminate them and only them and collect their badges. Return badges to the front desk area for points and further targets. You may swap your identity for any badges you are carrying if you wish.

Kills are by weapon contact only - projectiles are allowed but be wary of innocent spectators (collateral damages upset security). Any reasonable 'weapons' can be used except water pistols/bombs etc. Paper 'bombs', airplanes, card daggers etc are recommended - use your imagination. But be sensible.

If you are killed you must hand over all badges you are carrying and should immediately return to the front desk for a new identity. Security officers (identified by armbands with mp on them and by a 'WWII' hat) are the marshals of the game and will keep the rules/resolve disputes/kill troublemakers. They are invulnerable but corrupt so bribery will probably be acceptable.

The front desk area (the whole of the landing) is home, people in contact with it are invulnerable. Shooting them is likely to upset the security officer on duty and get you shot.

The game will run until 17:00 and the UCH is out of bounds. We advise caution on the ground floor as random people will be around to watch the football. The winners and losers will be announced at the end of the quiz. There are a limited number of weapons available at the desk, but you are advised to improvise. Paper ball grenades, paper plane bombers etc. However try not to make too much of a mess ;0)

If you want to use your own weapons, please let a security marshall or the front desk see them first.

The whole of lunchtime is 'happy hour' (12:00->14:00) and this means that you may kill anyone in the game - you are no longer restricted to your contracts.

Have fun!