ICSF The History Book

Picocon 18 - Richard's Dalek Racing

lets go!

...as the thick fog rolled away to reveal the drab Grey streets of London Two infamous competitors trundled forwards to take their places in the most surreal event of the season. Norfolk looked at Chance and Chance looked back at Norfolk once allies these two blobs of hate in polycarbide armour would now face each other in the most fearsome of all trials! The Picocon 18 Dalek Racing...

Racing at breathtaking speeds around fragile containers of highly corrosive and suspiciously blue liquid these two would have to use all the cunning and guile they possessed if they were to survive the day intact.

Things started badly for Chance most of the custom tri point undercarriage, dual steering broke in several interesting and entertaining and unfixable ways minutes before the start of the competition. However rescue was at hand in the form of a rapid refit and a transplanted local automotive device was inserted, to great effect if a lot less stability. Norfolk's day began better with steering and drive intact things were going well but from the outset it was apparent that reliability was going to be a factor in the performance of this classic shaped drone. In the first test run the drive belt (elastic band) snapped and had to be replaced, this set a tend for the rest of the day.

The curse consisted of a long fast straight from the start line, to a sharp left-hander and then round a hairpin, a sharp right turn and back down the straight to the finish. This was bordered by bollards, which if knocked over would cot the racers a five second time penalty.

Chance and his new drive worked well but his elevated centre of gravity meant that he was prone to overbalancing and toppling when accelerating, and breaking, and cornering, and reversing, and going at any speed at all. This would prove to be a handicap that would cost many drivers a lot of time. However compared to the rest of the field his reliability and turning circle were excellent and his top speed nicely constant.

Norfolk's problems began as has been said already from the word go. The unreliable drive system was actually faster than Chances however it frequently let go completely and sometimes partially jammed one of the steering wheels which made it turn corners rather unexpectedly and generally terminally. This being so it was a lot more stable than Chance and didn't fall over once, although the wheels fell off several times.

Over all Chance was agreed to be the better of the two beating Norfolk on all but one occasion, when Norfolk miraculously failed to go wrong and romped to victory. The daleks were very dependent on the quality of the drivers and a gentle touch was required at all time, leading to some truly hilarious moments. Over all a good day was had by everyone, the fastest time was taken by Ian and the second fastest was taken by Viv. Well done all and thanks to everyone who took part.