ICSF The History Book

Picocon 18 - Bob's View from the Bar

Steve and Bob and Robin

..I was going to write a "when i was a committee member we did things better" report, but since apart from one misunderstanding everything went very well, I won't. So instead I'll describe what I did at Picocon...

After turning up on time and finding the bar wasn't open yet I decided to talk to people and ignore the first event of the day. I also watched a bit of Unreal Tournament being played and bought a few books. This was all good. Went to check if the bar was open it wasnt yet. So to while away some more time I went and played with the daleks. This was proabbly the highlight of the day so far. Even if the daleks were little unstable they were lots of fun. Went to see if the bar was open it wasnt so I tried to get a can of Dr Pepper from the Coke machine, it was out of Dr Pepper and everythign else apart from Fanta (personally I blame the committee for not makeing sure it was fully stocked of Dr Pepper :) ). So I drank the Fanta and talked to few more people. All the while missing more events.

Finally the bar opened, so I had some Guiness. Which as always was reasonably priced and just about drinkable. Robin and I then proceeded to talk about the con items we were missing while drinking beer. The pies for lunch as always were very good. Drank some more ber. Wondered why some people hadn't turned up ( And not just one of the authors either). Drank some more beer. Decided not to go to yet another item. Drank more Guiness. Decided we may as well go the the pub quiz. Drank some more beer, answered questions and shouted too many too many times. :) I must say the pub quiz was quite enjoyable even if some of the question were obscure and long winded. Had soem more beer went an saw the matrix which is alwaysa good thing ™.

All in all quite an enjoyable Picocon. Much the same as the others I've been too. I think in my entire time going to picocon I've managed to go to about 5 actual items. All this beacuse of the twin demands of beer and being a committee member. All though this year not being on the committee left more room for beer which is a good thing ™.