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Picocon 16

Picocon 16 poster
Time Serious Stuff Silly Stuff
10.00   Silly Stories
11.00   Technobabble Quiz
12.00 Panel - "How real do we like it?" Sketches
14.00 Stephen Lawhead  
15.00 Panel - "The Millennium" Space Cadets Quiz
16.00 Gabriel King  
17.00 Book Signings Pub Quiz (in dB's)
18.00 Dark City (in UCH)  
Dealers' stalls are scattered around the building. There is also lego, scalextrix and computers in dB's

The Breath from the Pit

This is it. The Wyrm has risen, the momentous events begin here. Picocon is upon us.

If you are reading this then you are probably at Picocon. Rejoice. However, if you are reading this for the first time after Saturday 6th Feb, then you must have missed Picocon. Your soul is forever damned. With that cheerful news out of the way, lets get straight on to the real purpose of this issue - a guide to the mind-melting events that are taking place right now. Unless it's after Feb 6th in which case it's a mind-melting guide to the events which you missed, you traitor.

Firstly the Guests of Honour. Subject to work commitments, during the course of the day you should get the chance to meet Stephen Lawhead (author of the Pendragon Cycle), Jane Johnson (Senior Editor at Voyager), M John Harrison (author of the Pastel City) and Gabriel King (registered gestalt entity and author of The Golden Cat).

The programme for the day is split into two strands. Three if you include the bar. Strand One contains panels, discussions, talks and signings by the authors. While Strand Two consists of various quizzes and other randomness, such as something called the Destruction of Merchandise Event (?). Also running throughout the day will be a Scalextrix set-up (yay!) and a network of PCs for link up games. The event concludes with a screening of the film Dark City, which there aren't enough superlatives in the dictionary for.

Things Going On

The first panel of the day is at midday and is on the subject of 'how real do we like it?' which should be a discussion about realism and accuracy in works of fantasy and science-fiction. The second one is entitled 'millennium'. It could be about anything.

The film 'Dark City' is on at 6pm in the IC cinema (don't worry it's in the same building, you can bring your pints). It got no publicity and virtually no showings on its first release, which is a crime because it's the best piece of imaginative film-making for ages. It's got enough hard-sf concepts to support half a dozen bladerunner's while also incorporating marvellous inventive visuals and a truly fantastical sense of wonder.

Also going on are a Technobabble Quiz (11am), a 'Space Cadets'-style panel quiz (3pm) and just in case you haven't had enough chances to show off your knowledge, an SF/Fantasy Pub Quiz.

The computer network will be running an assortment of Deathmatch games if you feel the need for some random violence and the bar will be open all day. There will also be curry available on site at lunch time, or there are numerous fast food places in the vicinity of the building.

Various organisations will have stalls around the building, including one advertising for the Redemption convention, a combined Blake's 7/Babylon 5 event. Various stalls will also be selling large selections of books, so a packed wallet would be a good move.

See you around the con (I am Alex, the Wyrm editor, also known as Bushbaby for reasons unlikely to become clear anytime soon.)