ICSF The History Book

Picocon 13

Picocon 13 Poster Time UDH Da Vinci's
9.30 Registration  
10.00 Games Meet to "Mob the Star Trek Exhibition"
11.00 Talk:Robert Holdstock Inane Videos start
12.00 Panel:Writing in other people's universes Food and Bar open
13.00 Panel:"Have Vampires evolved?"  
14.00 Talk:Stephen Baxter X-Files Episode
15.00 Panel:"Is the X-Files responsible for heightening American Paranoia?" Food closes, bar remains open
16.00 Talk:Christopher Priest  
17.00 Plays in the Dealers Room  
18.00 Panel:"The perils of being pigeonholed"  
19.00 Live Lemmings Discussion:"The State of student fandom"
18.00 Wind down