ICSF The History Book

Picocon 12 - 1995

  Little Big Videos
10.00am Registration Starts
11.00am   Simon Ings Babylon 5 Episode
12.00pm Pictionary Rose Red Rose Red
1.00pm     Laputa
2.00pm   Iain Banks None
3.00pm Panel:Babylon 5 Wormholes Talk
Dr. Arley Anderson
Dark Star
4.00pm   Panel:"When should the Laws of Science be Broken for the Sake of Fiction?"  
5.00pm Book Signings Dave Hodges' Auction Rose Red
6.00pm Discussion on Short Stories
Paul Kincaid
Film: Koyaanisqqatsi The Prisoner: Arrival
7.00pm     Babylon 5 episode
8.00pm End of Program
Picocon 12

Bridget Hardcastle and Gidon Moont organised 1995's offering which had Iain (M) Banks and Dr. Arley Anderson as guests. The con had a theme of science literature than fantasy (for a change) and the biggest challenge seems to have been dragging Iain Banks away from the bar.