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Picocon 10 - 1992

Picocon 10

Alex McLintock supervised this Picocon which featured Dave Langford and Brian Stableford and a closed restaurant.


Welcome to PicoCon 10. I suppose you want me to give you all the bumph about what is happening where and when and who is who and why?
"Why?" ??? Well, why not.

Ok, first our guests:

Brian Stableford is a British author of some repute. His career has spanned at least two decades, and trilogies abound. He has recently published widely acclaimed novels about Vampires (Empire Of Fear) and werewolves (Werewolves Of London). If you don't present him with a bright spanking new hardback novel to sign I suspect he will be slightly upset. Mr Stableford's talk is titled "how should a science fiction story end?" (You will note that I resisted the temptation to put superfluous exclamation and question marks at the end of that title.)

Dave Langford. What can I say about Dave? Whatever I do say, it better be nice because he is wandering about the 'Ton behind me. In fact, Dave has been to almost every science fiction event that I have ever been to. (I exaggerate slightly.) One thing I must say is that Dave is such a dedicated fan that he has been to more PicoCons than I have I am sure. Dave's talk "Tell Me The Old, Old Story" will prove extremely funny, as did his talk for PicoCon 8 on science fiction weapons which I was privileged to hear. Mr Langford's talk will be about "ghastly plot devices and ludricrous deus-ex-machina developments in some recent sf by famous names."

To start the convention at 11 o'clock we have a "Panel on Fanzines". There will be several members of our fanzine writing team ready to discuss amateur fiction. Perhaps you have some advice for them or are seeking to start a fanzine yourself. You might even submit your own story for the next issue.

12:00 "SETI for Beginners". Dr Dave Clements will be giving a talk on how people are Searching for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. The talk is especially topical since there is a simulation of ET encounters taking place around the world this weekend. More information on the progress of this role play will arrive through, and after, the Con.

13:00 Commercial Break. We will be stopping for lunch, but I think that we have several other convention committees who want to give fifteen minute presentations on why you should pay membership of their own cons. People from Illumination, Stone, and Glasgow 95 will be talking if they have their act together.

14:00 Assuming we get back from lunch then Brian Stableford will be giving his talk at two.

15:00 "Dice in one hand, typewriter in the other, they sleaze their way into minds of innocent teenagers". You and your companions are new recruits into the mighty army of the Tura, dread servants of the great Pungwum. Prepare for the greatest ripoff adventure of your life in:
"CLICHES THAT DRAG-ON®: The role playing game of the book of the role playing game."

16:00 Dave Langford will be giving his gripes about people telling him "That Old, Old Story".

17:00 Our last panel for the day will be talking about "Parody of Science Fiction In Science Fiction".

18:00 SF Trivia Quiz: Pit your wits against some of the best minds in British fandom (or their beards). It's a quiz! What more can I say? It will have easy questions, hard questions and downright silly questions. My poser for the audience is "prepare an impersonation of a character from Red Dwarf".
The quiz will go on till seven or later (until everyone gets bored or we run out of questions).

What will be happening in the Lounge?

For most of the day we will be running a "Car Wars" role playing game: Division 15 duelling in the arena. You don't need to know the rules to take part - just pick your car and get duelling. May the best car survive!

The Real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Dave Hodges has brought to us the ultimate encyclopedia of knowledge. For more information, consult the guide.

Second hand books for sale: get them whilst they're hot.

There will also be a computer or two running games.

In the Video Room we have Star Trek Next Generation, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, StarCops, Star Trek Classic, Blake's Seven, Dr Who, The Prisoner, and more. Please check the timetable outside the video room for an up to date timetable.

I hope you all enjoy PicoCon 10,