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Picocon 9 - 1991

Picocon 9 poster

Imperial College Science Fiction Society
Proudly presents an SF convention
Picocon 9

Once more Imperial College's brave fans attempt to produce and enjoyabole first Saturday of March. PICOCON 9. Wonder at the size of it - smaller than Microcon. Puzzle at the absence of David Lanford who will not be there (sorry Dave). Laugh at the crazed icsf committee who will need alot of valium/alcohol/hugs before the day is through. Be bemused as you search for the bar.

Price: £5 non icsf members, £4 members, £3.50 pre-supporting icsf members.

Date: Saturday 2nd March 1991.

Place: Beit, Imperial College, London.

(Archimedes owners of the world unite)

Nothing memorable apart from Dan Abnett doing half his talk with his flies undone and hearin Alex Stewart's 'Law of Life' - "There is never enough garlic bread."

Organised by Steven Newhouse.