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Picocon 6

Picocon 6 Felix article

An article advertising Picocon 6, which appeared in Felix on 5th February 1988

No one, including the Oxford English Dictionary, seems sure whether the concept of 'relief from relief' exists. However, after twenty-four hours of solid, unmitigated comic relief ICSF, in conjunction with the Medical Research Council and the OED are undertaking research into just such a field: Comic Relief Reliefoscopy. This glorious piece of world-shattering original research will be taking place at Imperial College, yea, even in our very own Union Building. Furthermore we require members of the general twinkling public to help us with our research, and this means you! Yes, you can be part of this journey into the unknown for a very paltry (tax-deductable) donation to research funds. Members of ICSF, you may attend for only £2.50, but even the rest of you need only donate £3 for a whole day working alongside our research teams, and your very own slightly handcrafted badge as a souvenir.

The leaders of the research teams will be personally addressing the audience on their own specialist fields during the day. Professor Terry Pratchett, author of the classic texts on the subject, The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic and Equal Rites (the last dealing with most of the mathematics) and his more recently published work Mort, will be addressing the audience at about 2pm and Dr Mike Scott Rohan, author of two published works into extremes of temperature, Run to the Stars and The Anvil of Ice may do likewise at about 5.30pm. In addition, background material will be on display throughout the day.