ICSF The History Book

Picocon 6 - 1988

Tom Yates supervised Picocon 6 which had Terry Pratchett, Mike Scott Rohan and Dave Langford as guests. There was also the "famous" Varsity Herring Fight over the Unicon Oxford vs. Cambridge bid.

10.00General Mathematical Background by the team from Cambridge headed by Dr Monty Python
11.00Research into particle beam weapons, laser swords and furry little creatures by Prof George Lucas
12.30The classic research into genetic engineering - A Boy and his Dog
14.00Prof Pratchett
14.45See Below!
15.30Questions from the audience
16.15Blackholes and AI: Dark Star
18.15See more below:
19.00Policing space: Star Cops

At 1445 and 1815 visiting research teams, from Oxford, Cambridge and Earthlight will enter into a competition with our own team to see who really knows most about their subject.

This year's greatest scientific experience - PICOCON 6 - tomorrow in the UDH and SCR, 1000 'till 2200. Do come; it'll look great on your CV.