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Picocon 4: Felix review of Picocon 1

Picocon 4 Felix article

A report on Picocon 1, advertising Picocon one-vee, which appeared in Felix p.11 Friday, 24th January 1986

Sci Fi

As Picocon 4 approaches, it brings to me happy memories of Picocon 1. I've never quite been sure just what made Picocon 1 so special, maybe it was the way Mike Morcock just dropped in, or Christopher Tolkien sent us an original one of his father's doodles by way of an apology for his absence. It did look, though, as if there was a large dirty rain cloud in our silver lining, but Harry Harrison didn't turn up in the end (he was too busy ripping Stanislav Leon off at the time, I suppose, in his soon to be published 'The Stainless Steel Kat saves a Hack writer from bankruptcy yet again'), but he did send a games book of what would have happened if he did. The talks were a sheer pleasure from George Lucas's 'A Switch in Time and I'll make Nine (Episodes)' and '101 Depraved Things to do with an Ewok or the Seamier Side of Star Wars'. I've always wondered about certain names - Hans Solo, Leia Organa - well now I know. IC SF won the Science Fiction charades despite getting 'XLYSBRHJCLLY The Unpronouncable' as one title. Their opponents were stumped by '-' a little know work by the Swedish 17th century proto-sf writer Otto Bold. Live roleplaying was much in evidence but due to the failure of TTALT (Treasure Trap Arms Limitation Talks) several more headless bodies were transported to the bowels of Life Sci, were hoards of gibbering failed doctors were unleashed to practice their art. However wholesale slaughter was stopped by the banning of Thanganive the Inscrutable's fireball when Chemistry refused to let him sign for twenty litres of napalm. Arthur C Clark sent us a telegram of congratulations which he then denied he ever sent (see his forthcoming series of 'Arthur C Clark's Mysterious Messages'). So with fond memories of Piconon 1 I am completely confident that Picocon one-vee will surpass even its greatest heights.

PS Picocon one-vee will take place on Saturday 15th Feb and will start at 10am (it will be repeated via a time-warp in 1857).

NB: Dave Clements notes that this article contains a very specific typo - for Picocon 1, read Picocon i. This makes a lot more sense, really.