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Picocon 4 - 1986

Picocon 4

Officially designated Picocon iv (read 'eye-vee') at the time, Dave Clements was ICSF chair when Brian Stableford came to Picocon, along with the ever present Dave Langford. Blade Runner and a UFO episode were shown, and ICSF and CUSFS battled it out in a 2-round quiz.

Picocon Timetable


The Twilight Zone film
Episodic film based on the famous 60's TV serial with sequences directed by Spielberg, Landis, Miller and Lucas.

1st Round of Quiz game against Cambridge University SFSOC.


UFO episode.
Remember Ed Straker, Interceptors and SHADO? If you do, here's the chance to see it again, if not its high time you did!

First Speaker, Brian Stableford,
author of numerous books including the Hooded Swan series and the Third Millenium, talks about Science Fiction and the future.

Quatermass 4.
Also known in the States as The Quatermass Conclusion, this highly praised revival of Nigel Kneale's SF serial stars Sir John Mills as Prof Bernard Quatermass.

Second Speaker, Dave Langford
writer, critic fan and Hugo award winner talks about his books and book reviewing.

Second Round of Quiz vs CUSFS.

Blade Runner.
The award winning adaptation by Ridley Scott of Philip K Dick's novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep', Harrison Ford stars as a Blade Runner trying to Retire (kill) a group of Replicants who have escaped to Earth. He finds rather more than he bargained for.

Convention Close.
See you all next year!

As well as the timetabled events, a full programme of wargames will take place in the SCR. All other events will be in the Union Dining Hall. Both of these are on the 1st floor of the Union Building. If you can't make it for 10.00am come along later, we don't mind.