ICSF The History Book

Picocon - 1984

Claimed to have such delights as Thunderbird 6, Call My Bluff and talks from Dave Langford and the "Renowned SF personality Jonathan Cowie".

What actual history documentation we have for the first formal Picocon comes from a review in Felix, which was published in the run up to Picocon 4 - although some have raised concerns over the factual accuracy of this document.

More recently, it has been suggested that the jump from Picocon Picocon Pi (which, we assume, was to be '3') and the to Picocon 4 might be explained by the fact there were two events that were referred to as Picocon - one a day of films and gaming in someone's flat, and the other (which would then logically be Picocon 2), this original convention that starts Picocon as we now know it.