ICSF Minutes

Minutes of the general committee meeting of the ICSF, 7th November 2018

Meeting Opened at 15:10


Henry Wild (Chair) Connor Winzar (Chair of Vice) Michael Figini (Secretary) Matthew Legg (Treasurer) Matthew Last (Librarian) Edward Pickup (Picocon Sofa) Harry Black (Picocon Beanbag) Jean Lo (Editor) Tim Davison (Tech Priest) Isabella Merritt Theo Gheorghiu Kai Lawerence


Sequoia Trevorrow

Freshers Event Final Wrap-up

Book Crawl

Future Events

Dyson & Library Status

Theo leaves 15:37

Email Clarity

Publicity Update

Update on Staying in the Library Overnight

Library Social Space

Broadsheet Article

Committee Replacement Numbers

Get in Contact with Other Uni Sci-Fi Societies

Getting Netflix & Such on TV

Any other business

Committee sings Happy Birthday to Michael

Motions & Actions

Meeting closed at 16:12