ICSF Minutes

Minutes of the general committee meeting of the ICSF, 29th September 2018

Meeting Opened at 14:35


Henry Wild (Chair) Matthew Legg (Treasurer) Connor Winzar (Chair of Vice) Matthew Last (Librarian) Edward Pickup (Picocon Sofa) Harry Black (Picocon Beanbag) Sequoia Trevorrow (Publicity Officer) Jean Lo (Wyrmtongue Editor) Tim Davison (Tech Priest) Katherine Read Michael Figini (Secretary) attending via Google Hangouts

Katherine Read will act as Secretary for the purposes of this meeting

Welcome back, everyone!

Current state of the library

New TV

Freshers’ Fair


Freshers’ Events


Key list and Duty Librarians


Any other business

Motions & Actions

Meeting closed at 16:39