ICSF Minutes

Minutes of the general committee meeting of the ICSF, 2nd November 2017

Meeting Opened at 18:07


Amelia Owens (Chair) Matthew Legg (Treasurer) Henry Wild (Librarian) Edward Da Fonseca (Picocon Sofa) Kai Lawrence (Chair of Vice) Connor Winzar (Publicity Officer) Katherine Read (Wyrmtongue Editor) Tim Davison (Tech Priest) Eliza Karlowska (Secretary) Edward Pickup (Picocon Beanbag) Peter Dawson Harry Black



EGM Stuff

  1. Changing standing orders
  2. Implementing Key List Policy
  3. Safer Space Policy


  1. Chair of Vice – events so far
  2. Treasurer – spending so far

  3. Peter: ‘I’m not dragging my supervisor here because he may check if I’m not in the office.’
    Wear a Picocon shirt to spread the word!

Library Business

  1. Librarian Meeting
  2. Beanbags

Upcoming Events

  1. Improving organisation

  2. Ed: ‘Snacks are the symptom.’

  3. Themed Fridays
  4. Star Wars/Justice league cinema trip
Henry leaves at 19:06
  1. Marathons
  2. Podcasts/discussion meetings
  3. Other fun events
  4. DramSoc collab

Picocon Update

Library Guest Book

Any Other Business

Motions & Actions

Meeting closed at 19:41