ICSF Minutes

Minutes of the emergency general meeting of the ICSF, 19th October 2017

Meeting Opened at 18:09


Amelia Owens (Chair) Matthew Legg (Treasurer) Henry Wild (Librarian) Edward Da Fonseca (Picocon Sofa) Kai Lawrence (Picocon Beanbag/Acting Chair of Vice) Connor Winzar (Publicity Officer) Katherine Read (Wyrmtongue Editor) Tim Davison (Tech Priest) Eliza Karlowska (Secretary) Peter Dawson Christopher Hutchinson (non-full member) Harry Black Sequoia Trevorrow Edward Pickup Archit Sharma (non-member) Tay Hui Chang



Approval of Previous Minutes

Election to Fill Committee Positions

Election of Chair of Vice

Election of Picocon Beanbag

Tay Hui Chang leaves 18:27
Random quote: 'Clements would rule the galaxy.'
Archit enters 18:30

Proposed Changes to Standing Orders

  1. MOTION: Addition of ‘Don’t use the library as a long term storage place’ to the Library Rules
  2. MOTION: Addition of ‘No staying in the library past 11pm without a committee member present or permission from the librarian’ to the Library Rules
  3. Addition of Key List Policy
  4. Addition of Safer Space policy

  5. Archit leaves 19:26

Any Other Business

Motions & Actions

Meeting closed at 19:33