ICSF Minutes

Minutes of the general committee meeting of the ICSF, 29th September 2017

Meeting Opened at 17:36


Amelia Owens (Chair) Matthew Legg (Treasurer) Henry Wild (Librarian) Edward Da Fonseca (Picocon Sofa) Kai Lawrence (Picocon Beanbag/Acting Chair of Vice) Connor Winzar (Publicity Officer) Katherine Read (Wyrmtongue Editor) Tim Davison (Tech Priest) Eliza Karlowska (Secretary) Peter Dawson Robin Thomas Saad Ahmed



eActivities, Membership, Facebook Admins, Etc


Update on Publicity

  1. Centrefold
  2. Facebook events
  3. Flyers and Posters – Distribution

Update on Wyrmtongue

Library Business

Duty Librarian Rota

Key List Policy

Kai enters 18:00 Robin and Saad enter with Wyrmtongue prints 18:07
Robin leaves 18:08

General Pre-freshers Library Cleanup Operation

  1. Beanbag status

Library Space Issues

  1. Archive status

Update on Freshers Events

  1. Meet and Greet
  2. Themed Friday
  3. Book crawl
  4. Freshers' Fair
  5. Mental Health Day
  6. Literary lucky dip
Peter leaves 19:48
  1. LEGO movie night
  2. EGM
  3. Rubbish film night
  4. Halloween party
  5. Thor Ragnarok cinema trip
  6. Blade Runner

Miscellaneous Business

Picocon Update

Motions & Actions

Meeting closed at 20:10