ICSF Minutes

Minutes of the annual general meeting of the ICSF, 17th March 2017

Meeting Opened at 18:18


Henry Wild (Chair) Elizabeth Windo (Picocon Sofa) Edward Da Fonseca (Picocon Beanbag) Charlmane Lun (Treasurer) Katherine Read (Secretary) Amelia Owens (Librarian) Jian Li Chew (Publicity Officer) Anurag Deshpande Sai Pandian Enda Mulville Kai Lawrence Eliza Karlowska Matthew Last Matthew Legg Tim Davison Bruno Emerick Peter Dawson Chris Hutchison


Saad Ahmed (Chair of Vice) Henry Leventhorpe (Tech Priest) Robin Thomas (Wyrmtongue Editor)

Approval of minutes from 2016 EGM

Reports from the 2016/17 Executive Committee

Election of new committee for 2017/18

Election of Publicity Officer

Election of Tech Priest

Election of Chair Entity

Election of Chair of Vice

Election of Treasurer

Election of Librarian

Election of Picocon Sofa.

Election of Picocon Beanbag.

Election of Wyrmtongue Editor.

Election of Secretary.

Review of Constitution and Standing Orders.

Any other business.

Meeting Closed at 20:38