ICSF Minutes

Minutes of a meeting of the ICSF, 17th October 2014

Meeting Opened at 18:01


Amanda Sjӧdahl (Chair) Hugh Mulligan (Treasurer) Anurag Deshpande (Secretary) Stephen Ingram (Picocon Sofa) Noor Mulheron (Chair of Vice) Rosanna Nichols (Librarian) Sanchit Sharma (Wyrmtongue editor) Sam McKenney Vinothan Shankar David Zhang Daniel Clay.


Peter Dawson (Picocon Beanbag) Tom Rivlin (Publicity Officer)

Library Admin:

[18:08] Kate Reed


[18:17] Ethel Bardsley (Tech Priest)


[19:02] Henry Leventhorpe

[19:12] Benedict Harcourt

Database and Archiving:

Duty Librarians:

Amending of Standing Orders:

Any other business:

Motions & Actions

Meeting Closed at 19:29