ICSF Minutes

Minutes of a meeting of the ICSF Committee, 17th January 2013

Meeting Opened at 18:10


Helen Pennington (Chair Entity) Rebecca Clark (Treasurer) Tom Rivlin (Chair of Vice) Maciej Matuszewski (Picocon Sofa) Amanda Sjodahl (Secretary) Angela Branaes (Tech Priest) Joseph Henderson (Wyrmtongue Editor) Vin Shankar.

Treasurer's Report:

Chair of Vice's Report / Hay on Wye:

Picocon Sofa's Report / Picocon

Pre-registration form:



'University Challenge'–style quiz

Liquid Nitrogen

Union Concert Hall

Scavenger Hunt

Lecture Theatres:

Corrupting Felix


T-shirt Art:

Other Events

Book Overflow & Duplicates:

Union Basement Rebuild

Any other Business

Motions & Actions

Meeting Closed at 19:00