Actions & Motions

Minutes of Picocon Sub-Committee Meeting, 12/01/12

Meeting opened at 18:07.


Wouter van der Bergh (Picocon Sofa) Maciej Matuszewski (Picocon Beanbag) Andreja Kogovšek (Publicity Officer) Angela Branaes (Editor) Benedict Harcourt (Secretary) Robin Saunders

Guests of Honour

  • We now have three confirmed guests
    • Adrian Czajkowski
    • Justina Robson
    • Tricia Sullivan

T-Shirts & Artwork

  • Wouter has absorbed knowledge from Peter
  • This is now pending artwork
  • There has been a small response to the artwork comeptition, which is rapidly nearing it's deadline


  • To include:
    • Intros form Sofa + Chair
    • Schedule
    • Bios on Authors
    • Map
    • Crossword
    • Copy of scaveger hunt list
    • Any artwork etc. that will fit
  • We are also likely to want a separate map/schedule just in case

Turkey Readings

  • Whilst in Chorely, Wouter was listening to Dave reading
  • He has returned, and seems somewhat enlightened
    • Or destroyed
  • The title(s) of the works were not mentioned, but terrible sex scenes (amongst other things) were

Room Bookings

  • The confirmed room bookings are:
    • Blackett LT1: 8am - 8pm
    • Union Activity Space: 8am - 8pm
    • Metric: 8am - 10pm
    • Union Bar: 12nn - closing?
[18:16] Semi-Dave enters

The Quiz

  • After much going round it circles, it was decided that Metric offers the best trade off in space / nearness to ale for holding the quiz.
  • Multiple and extra copies of the quiz questions and answers will be made to cover all eventualities.
  • Wouter to find out about borrowing the tables + chairs from lvl1 stores for metric


  • Benedict to dig out last years schedule
  • There is currently some circling over the author topics


  • The teams (exact names pending): Nucelar Armegeddon, Zombie Apocolypse, Cthulhuoid Tenticles for the Sky


  • SemiDave doens't want to run the LAN all day
  • Games will be UT and DefCon
  • Metric has been known to have a projector, projecting the games as they run in Activity Space 1, especially Defcon, woudl be nice (and would attract attention back to LAN)
  • Benedict to look into this

Panel Discussion

  • Ideas include (possibly ask the list for more)
    • "Role of Apocolypses in Fiction / Story Telling?"
    • "Non-Humanoids in Fictions / Story Telling?"
    • "How do you make non (standard) humans compelling?"

Other Business / Things to Do

  • Next BSFA is 25th Jan
  • Next TUN is 2nd Feb
  • Andreja, SemiDave to have many flyers for these events
  • SemiDave to confirm availability of LAN pcs
  • DODM
  • Family Fortunes
  • Author Minions
  • Pre-registration
Meeting closed at 18:56.