Actions & Motions

  • Lucy McGregor was unanimously Treasurer

Minutes of ICSF Extraordinary General Meeting, 6/10/11

Note: Times given are to the nearest half-minute

Meeting opened at 18:04:00.


Rebecca Clark (SCC Treasurer; Chairing) Amanda Sjödahl (Librarian) Joseph Britton (Chair of Vice) Benedict Harcourt (Secretary) Andreja Kogovšek (Publicity Officer) Angela Branaes (Editor) Lucy McGregor (Acting Treasurer) Chris Hutchinson Robin Saunders

Election of Tresurer

  • Rebecca Clark, as a member of the society and SCC Treasurer, acted in the capacity of Chair of the metting and Returning Officer
[18:04:30] Chris Hutchinson (Observer) exits [18:04:30] Chris Hutchinson (Voting member) enters
  • No candidates for the position were formally nominated before the meeting
  • Lucy McGregor, acting treasurer, stood from the floor and was seconded by Chris Hutchinson and Benedict Harcourt
  • No further candidates stood
  • The vote was done as a Multi-Ballot Anti-Vote, as per the regulations
  • RON was rejected unamimously
  • Lucy McGregor was elected Treasurer

Any Other Business

  • There were some ideas for events
    • Angela wanted to do something for Halloween
    • Lucy and Amanda are planning a traditional ICSF movie night in early November
  • It was suggested that ideas should be developed in conjunction with the Chair of Vice
Meeting closed at 18:07:30 [18:13:00] Ethel Bardsley (Chair Entity) enters
  • Ethel: "This is the best meeting ever!"