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Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 23/5/11

Meeting opened at 18:08pm.


Wouter van der Beurgh (Chair of Vice) Joakim Scharp (Secretary) Lucy McGregor (Librarian) Gabriel Carpenter (Treasurer) Rebecca Clark (Picocon Sofa) Benedict Harcourt (Picocon Beanbag) Joseph Britton (Publicity Officer) Ethel Bardsley (Tech Priest) Alexander Cameron Amanda Sjödahl (Librarian Elect) Maciej Matuszewski (Picocon Beanbag Elect) Alex 'Fluffy' Savell Simon Moxon Joseph Slade


Chris Hutchinson (Chair Entity)

Picocon 29

  • Picocon will be on the 18th Feburary, 2012
  • We intent to keep the same prices as Picocon 28
  • as it will be in 2012, the current theme concept is Apocalypses
  • An alternate theme is non-humanoid aliens
[18:09] Patrick Boyle enters
  • Theme leads to three apocalypses / predictors as houses
  • Potential panel question: "Apocalypse - How?"
  • RebeccaLiz to email Wouter author invitation template (also to wiki...)
[18:11] Unknown Member enters
  • Wouter to email list of author ideas
  • We're intended to prefer 'better' authors to theme fitting, where we can
  • The names Richard Morgan, Charles Stross, and Peter K Hamilton were all mentioned

Formal Dinner

  • Here there are primarily two options: in Union, or elsewhere
  • Have been in touch with Beit conferencing - £25 / person + charges = ~£30pp
  • Outside likely to be a little more
  • Probably best to put it on a Saturday evening in order to allow alumni time to travel
  • However, should be in term time in order to get current members
  • There are few opportunities left before the end of term, and exams are everywhere
  • It should probably be done sometime near the beginning of autumn term
  • Possibly before freshers, possibly a few weeks in
  • Lucy to send out sample menu for comparison point
  • Feeling is onwards next term, not union (no formal vote)
[18:16] Joakin Scharp exits
  • Union is to be used as a benchmark for rating places
  • Going outside the union will make it easier to organise for alumni and other non-union members
  • Lucy wants all of sci-fi to look gorgeous
  • We'll be looking to book for around 50 (lots of interested alumni and +1s)
  • With this number in mind, not union is pressed a lot more
  • Must be careful not to make freshers feel excluded


  • Members of the committee and others present are asked to be calm
  • Unsubsidised, it costs approximately slightly under £35 per person
  • Wouter would like to subsidise it to £25 per person
  • This is estimated to be about £8 a person, and is not likely to exceed £12
  • It is noted that the price to the members may have to rise from £25 next year
  • To make this subsidy (2 abstentions, 0 against)
  • We have been offered the use of a car by Alex 'Fluffy' Savell
  • He would like us to pay the £40 insurance for the week
    • It would only be used for Hay in this time
    • This is less than the amount expected to rent one as researched by Peter
  • We have never had an issue with filling seats
  • We would still have John Davenport and Peter Mabbott to drive the minibus
  • We do have possible upcoming drivers
  • Using a car with 5 people may push us over the minimum people-days
  • To pay for the insurance (5 abstentions, 0 against)
  • Some seats will remain pre-allocated
    • Drivers
    • The Chair of Vice
    • Librarian
    • Librarian Elect
  • If online ticketing gives issuing, we...???
  • We are not hiring Peter a prostitute
  • Fluffy has a choice of car-mates, where possible
  • If people bring small amounts of stuff, 7 people can fit into the car
[18:37] Gabriel Flees

Changes to the Standing Orders

  • All motions passed unanimously (excluding abstentions) except where noted
  • Remove reference to room booking in 1.1
  • Remove reference to outside speakers in 1.3
  • Rename money to treasure in 1.4
  • Remove reference to now defunct SCC treasurer meetings, replace with more general instruction
  • Remove reference to account book
  • Make is clear that the treasurer should keep an eye on the financial situation
  • Replace requirement for librarian to be at book buys with requirement to authorise items in 1.5
  • Replace 'duplication' with 'printing and distribution' in 1.6, and re-factor for sense
  • Replace 'to see' with 'for seeing' in 1.6
  • Remove 'factual' from first line of 1.7
  • Alter 'present and accurate image of the the pages' in 1.7 (0 for, 3 against)
  • Union rather than Society in 1.9
  • Changing phrasing in second paragraph of 1.10
    • Change the phrasing of 'kicking' (6 for, 4 against)
    • To use '"poking"' as the alternate phrase
      • It was to be minuted that the committee voted unanimously for poking
    • To change phrasing of 'try and kill'
      • It is noted that this should have been try to kill
      • Four options: leave it, 'take steps', 'reprimand with impudence', 'p???????'
      • A Multi-ballot anti-vote was used to eliminate down to a single decision
      • Leaving it the same was eliminated in the first round
      • P?????? was eliminated in the second
      • Use RI in favour of TS (6 for, 6 against)
      • Wouter, acting chair, cast a deciding vote for RI after his earlier abstention. This was accepted by all present
  • Addition of section 1.13, giving ultimate power to Benedict Harcourt (3 for, 4 against)
  • Addition of rules not allowing a member to overturn their own loans ban in 2.1
  • Removed 'unavoidable' from beginning of section 2.2
  • Add clause for delegate of librarian to enforcement of library rules at end of 2.3
  • Remove extra apostrophe in section 2.4
  • The opening to 3.1 compares STV and MBAV.
    • Keep the sentence the same (3 for, 7 against)
    • Strike the sentence altogether (3 for, 7 against)
    • Fix it using a qualifier
    • Use 'under given conditions' as said qualifier
[19:15] Chris Hutchinson (Chair Entity) Enters

Any Other Business

  • Chris declares this to be the best committee meeting
Meeting closed at 19:16