Actions & Motions

  • Proposed Date for Picocon 29: 18th Febuary 2012
  • Proposed Themes:
    • Non-Humanoid
    • Apocolypse
    • Post-Apocolypiltica

Minutes of Picocon Sub-committee Meeting, 19/5/11

Meeting ('Bumbling') opened at 17:19pm.


Wouter van der Beurgh (C of V, Sofa Elect) Rebecca Clarh (Picocon Sofa) Benedict Harcourt (Picocon Beanbag) Maciej Matuszewski (Picocon Beanbag Elect)

Provisional Date for Picocon 29

  • Tradiitonally, Picocon is on the last weekend of Febuary
  • This year, it was trialed as a week early
  • For 2012, the dates for these would be Sat 25th Feb and Sat 18th Feb respectively
  • There is a two-day convention in Glasgow (with Charles Stross) on the 25th/26th
  • There were no particular complaints about it being earlier in Feb
  • This committee moved to recommend to the full committee the 18th of Feburary for the con

Provisional Themes for Picocon 29

  • We have a couple of left over potential panel questions (severly paraphrased):
    • What do non-humans do for (your) stories?
    • What unexpected things have peopel readi nto your work, and how did you react to this
  • Non-Humanoids suggested as a possible theme
    • Reaonably wide scope for houses
    • Could lead to interesting art work, but maybe not in the best way
[17:29] Joseph Britton (Publicity Officer) enters
  • Should we also consider spreading our base scope?
    • There have been suggestions of getting a graphic novelist along
    • It was decide by apathy to review this when authors are being selected
[17:36] Lucy McGregor (Librarian) enters
  • It was pointed out that Picocon 29 will fall in 29
    • A Apocolypse theme was discussed
    • Puns were made
    • A brief discussion of Mayan history occurred
Meeting ('Bumbling') closed at a-bit-before-6-ish