Actions & Motions

  • Lucy to make sure tickets are sold somehow
  • RebeccaLiz to poke people in the Union to make tickets appear, and find our missing sales receipts
  • Wouter (ViceChair) to publicise and organise trip to EasterCon
  • Cameron to find outt how much money the bar made (for future use in convincing them)
  • Benedict to make signs be on the wiki
  • Benedict to make it so
  • Benedict to slap Mark upside of the head for excessive trolling
  • Snorlaxsnor lax lax snorsnorsnorlax lax lax lax lax snorsnor
  • Wouter to make explosive paper
  • Cameron to star writing next years quiz
  • Lucy to organise such a thing

Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 24/2/10

Meeting opened at 18:04.


Chris Hutchinson (Chairentity) Wouter van der Beurgh (Chair of Vice) Gabriel Carpenter (Treasurer) Rebecca Clark (Picocon Sofa) Benedict Harcourt (Picocon Beanbag) Ethel Bardsley (Tech Preist) Joseph Britton (Publicity Officer) Peter Mabbott Alex Cameron Joe Slade Maciej Matuszewski Amanda Ed Boff


Joakim Scharp (Secretary)

Writer's Workshop

  • The workshop is on 2th and 9th March, in meeting room 2
  • The Union website is not yet showing tickets
    • The data for this was submitted beginning of this week, the Union have fail
    • Lucy to make sure tickets are sold somehow
    • RebeccaLiz to poke people in the Union to make tickets appear, and find our missing sales receipts


  • Picocon Happened.
  • It appeared to go quite well.

These minutes make use of data in the Unofficial briefing package (400KB PDF)

Picocon Attendance

  • Attendance Figures are up on last year
  • This, however, is partly due to Benedict getting all the stallholders etc. to register as free entrants
  • Other SciFi societies were done on last year
    • Almost a decrease of 30%
    • League of non-Aligned didn't take advantage of the offer, need to make sure they know to explain who they are
    • IFIS (Royal Holloway) now have Picocon listed as an annual event.
    • Middlesex had a suprising number of attendees - might be worth contacting them in advance next year
    • Kings attendance is possibly still tied to Tai
    • Kings, UCL, Cambridge, and OUSFG failed to reply usefully to RebeccaLiz
    • We should do more than just email the societies - attend their events with flyers?

Picocon Temporal Location

  • Due to communication issues, publicity was behind at a variety of times
  • We need to send the date out to the Picocon mailing list earlier
    • Yes. We have a picocon mailing list
    • Sending out the initial email was delayed due to setting it up
    • This did not seem to adversly affect attendance too much
  • The Authors and Date should be sent out early in the academic year
  • The only clash this year was with a LARP event
  • Holding it in the usual weekend would have meant clashing with Redemption
  • Redemption is bi-annual, so this is not a concern for next year
  • Wouter (ViceChair) to publicise and organise trip to EasterCon


  • T-Shirts were sold.
  • They are yet to make a profit (Well, it dpeends whose numbers you use. In the end, we agreed that we had broken even, and had plenty more to sell)
  • They weren't being flogged before the event that much
  • During the day, there wasn't that much uptake
  • Many people didn't spot the stall in Metric
  • The stall in LT1 foyer was a very good idea
  • We need to get the art in earlier
  • Get the sofa to pick a theme before summer, start getting art then

T-Shirts (Non Picocon)

  • It was suggested that we should do generic SciFi t-shirts
  • There was a positive response to this idea
  • There is also room for mugs and other such tings


  • What was once dB's is now Metric, which is very much a nightclub
  • Dear god, the lights. They do not burn!
  • Most parties have complained about the lighting
  • We also couldn't open the doors
  • These things should be checked and neigotiated before next year
  • Cameron to find outt how much money the bar made (for future use in convincing them)
  • The quiz lacked room. There are options:
    • Try to get permission to use 568. We should all fit in there
      • Can't be formally booked
      • There are other quizzes in there
      • Sweet tlaking them shoudl be easy
      • The quiz can (and should be) open to all
      • May be able to get a PA system
    • Use a bit of 568 and also use the Union Bar
      • Gauruntees the space
      • Requires too callers
      • Peter was slowly dying from calling
    • Do it in Union Acitvity Space 1
      • Buying a keg would be against our bar spend, as it a bit close call on profit (80 pints for £130, we can undercut the main bar. People are concerned)
      • Not having alcohol readily available will turn people off from the Quiz
  • There's was no setup plan for metric before the day
    • This was fine - there were plenty of helpers, and we were more adaptive that way
  • There was a need for more, bigger, better, harder, faster signs
  • Common signs should be added to the wiki
  • Benedict to make signs be on the wiki

Registration Forms

  • The registration forms were confusing to some people
  • They also left a lot of people milling around finding pens and space to fill them out
  • Pre-sending forms to SF groups would speed their entry
  • Having pre-registration (if not pre-pay) would speed things up considerably
    • It also saves the desk monkeys a lot of time in collating family fortunes information, etc. etc.
    • Benedict to make it so

Baby Sitters

  • Introductions didn't happen
    • This was mainly due to a fun combination of people losing voices, running around busy, and other factors that disreupted the plans
    • The babysitter's instruction package shoudl include instrcutions to prepare introductions
    • The actual reading will probably be done by the LT1 ringmaster

RAG Events

  • "Smashy Smashy"
  • Amount raised was down this year (only 286.33)
    • Fewer syndicates were formed
    • The Owain/Peter wars were out of scope
    • Certan turkey reading items were in a sense worthwhile
      • Needs things that don't end in a desirable state - good bit in the middle, worse either side
    • Peter and Chris' attmepts to encourage at the turkey readings was a bit obvious
      • "Fix Better!"
    • Steve was missed :(
    • Rosannah's reading was excellent, despite some peoepl's doubts
  • The amount of hamming up was greatly disagreed upon. Some people think more, some less

Silly Games

  • Benedict to slap MAakr upside of the head for excessive trolling
  • THere was a large starting lag, which discouraged people. This was due to a lack partcipants being in the right place at the right time.
  • Babysitters must test the waters for authors doing silly games and, if the author is willing, make sure they're at the right place at the right time
  • Having a list of people prepped, including some reserves, would also help.
  • Dave Clemence 'rescued' Just A Minute
  • Mornington crescent was "not a meh as I usually find it" (Peter Mabbott), but some members of the panel have to know when to finish

Snor Lax

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  • Lax snorsnor laxsnorsnorlax snor snor lax lax snorlax laxsnor.
  • Snor laxsnor, laxlaxsnor, lax snorlaxsnorsnor
  • Snor lax snor lax lax lax snor lax
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  • Snorlax lax laxlax snor snor laxlax. Lax snor lax snor snor laxlaxsnorsnor snor Snorlax lax.
  • Snor lax snor lax laxsnorsnorsnor snor laxsnor lax snorsnor snorsnorlaxsnor. Snorlaxsnor snor snor snorsnor; lax lax snor snor lax snorsnorlax laxsnorlaxlax.
  • Lax laxlax lax 3 snor lax lax lax lax. Lax lax 3 snor
  • Moxon's is an awesome fishmonger which can meet all of our needs

Clean Up

  • The clean up went well
  • Let's try ot not lose the ladder next time, though
  • Aside form the banner, clean out of booked rooms was finished before 6pm, albeit by only 2 minutes
  • Bags, books, etc. which are despoited with the desk or in the library sohudl be clearly labelled with a name


  • The LAN being upsaitrs significantly reduced the range of ppeople playing it - no passing by traffic
  • Projector Games never turned up
  • The board gamers were badly effected by the lack of light in metric.
  • The Magic group were most unhelpful. They avoided wrath by setting up in 568, and not actually joining the convention (possibly - this is unconfirmed).
    • They also played in a format unlikely to attract beginners
    • Really, it's their loss - no extra members from our ranks
  • All gaming should probably be grouped in one (well sign-posted) game space for attracting more people


  • More posters, earlier. saturate
  • Flyers were good. Take more to the SciFi meets
  • There needs to be better communciation between the publicity officer and the picocon sofa
  • Poster Rage will get us nowhere. The five minutes of arguing about how to deal with it can be summed up as:
    • Deal with it
    • Put up more posters, or remove convering ones
    • Wouter to make explosive paper
  • Some lovely people wanted to advertise for us. Have pre-made pubicity packs, that include a few posters, some flyers, and any outher useful resources pre-made
  • "Publicity, Puclicity, Publicity, Publicity"
  • Start it in November, or become unto the fail whale.


  • The quiz seemed reasonably well balanced
  • We needed more answer sheets
  • There was aomse negative response to Anime and Computer Game rounds
  • The 'themed' rounds idea was on the hole very good
  • One question was overly long, and almost took the life of Peter
  • The quiz was about the right length at 60 questions
  • Picture orunds keep getting spoilt by the authors
  • Future round ideas:
    • Composite Face Image
    • 'First' frame form a film
  • The quiz needs to be started earlier
  • No, really, it does
  • Cameron to star writing next years quiz
  • Spare question could be put somehwere for safe keeping. Possibly the wiki. Or somewhere where they ocudl go into a digital ballot box, so not everyone can go look at them


  • Wagamamas was good
  • The secondary meal was also a good idea

Other Details / Business

  • "We should do a black tie event!"
  • Lucy to organise such a thing
[19:34] Lucy McGregor (Librarian) exits
  • Sheffield Matt was on the desk, or on the LAN all day. Kudos to him
[19:37] Lucy McGregor (Librarian) returns
  • Lucy's Mother judges us for still being in this meeting
  • The scavenger hunt wass "full of lame physics jokes", according to some people
  • The command structure needs to be better implemented, and more obvious
    • Just t-shirts too cold in Feb
    • Old sashes weren't that great
    • Newer, better sashes are required
    • The stall holders could do with a dedicated baby sitter
    • People, when confronted with other people asking questions (beyond 'where is x?' etc.) should send the asker up the chain unless they are certain of the answer
  • Security were unaware of the event's existence
    • This was due to problems in their information protocols
    • The data was confirmed reasonably quickly on the day, once they realised there was an event
  • Parking suffered similar issues
  • Metric was double booked form 4:30 to 6:))
  • The Beit Events Manager must be watched carefully to make sure he does his job right
Meeting closed at 19:46