Actions & Motions

  • Wouter to check on CinemaSoc for cooperation regarding Rocky Horror (or similar) after AGM
  • Chris to send Hay-on-Wye info to Gabriel
  • Gabriel to sort deposit out
  • Cameron to send info to list regarding DVD/bluray player and new chairs
  • Lucy and Joakim to check in on writers workshop with authors, possible from Picocon
  • Benedict to find out when is a good time to run closed beta feedback session for the database
  • Ethel to make sure all relevant emails are properly rerouted by SAC
  • Joakim to fix keylist
  • To switch back to the old database, all in favor
  • To move books around, all in favor

Minutes of ICSF Committee Meeting, 28/10/10

Meeting opened at 18:00pm.


Chris Hutchison (Chairentity), Joakim Scharp (Secretary), Gabriel Carpenter (Treasurer), Wouter van den Bergh (Chair of Vice), Lucy McGregor (Librarian), Ethel Bardsley (Web Editor), Alex Cameron, Zach Smith, Peter Mabbott


Rebecca Clark (Picocon Sofa)


  • Inception went well
  • Chris: "Should we do another joint showing?"(Matrix, Rocky Horror, other)
  • Fluffy: "Rocky Horror destroys AGM"


  • People should be less mean to Benedict
  • We should have a feedback meeting before much further development

Treasurer's Report

  • Gabriel makes claims to competence, is greeted with doubtful looks.
  • Money is "fine", spending more on books is not an issue
  • College will however cut money to the union resulting in lesser grants next year.
  • Cameron has spoken to some union tresurer, societies will "get the money they need to operate"
  • Do we need/should we have insurance for TV? (no, thats what contingency claims are for)
Joe enters at 18:15


  • Hay-on-Wye needs 100 monies in deposit before the year is over, some other group of people are trying to steal our slots
  • When to run Hay-on-Wye? one weeks screws over bio freshers (all 0 of them) another screws over other freshers who are moving out of halls (significantly more)
  • Who is going to drive?
  • Bunkhouse is £12 per person and night, £260 minimum
  • The limiting factor is the minivan, not the number of beds. If there are cars involved things may be different

Librarian's Report

  • Is happy to spend money
  • Request list is very long, will take some time to go through
  • ~£100 spent as of yet
  • Bookcrawl had decent fresher turnout, 8 people in total


  • KILL THE DR. WHO BOOKS (actually, just move them around to expand oversize and other sections of the library)
  • New chairs should be got, should infact have been got last year, fail
  • Also, TV does HD, DVD player does not, new DVD (blueray) player should be aquired


  • No-one from picocon subcommittee was present, moving on


  • Gabriel has news regarding investment competition for large monies, does anyone have the time/effort to enter?
  • Gabriel to look into it a bit more and have better specifics
Benedict, Quaker Lucy enter at 18:15

Writers' Workshop

  • Good idea
  • In spring term?
  • Advertise at picocon?
  • Ask Dave Clements about a good author or try to use picocon author?
Hok enters at 20:57. Meeting adjourned at 20:58.