ICSF Post Picocon Meeting

22 February 2007


Dave II (Chair), Tim (treasurer), Kai, Peter (Librarian), Ed, Dan (Publicity), Alex(Picocon Sofa), Ed II, Larissa, Owain, Robin, Becca, Drama John, Ben!, Ian, Rebecca, Smithers (Editor).

Apologies: Alan (secretary)

Meeting Open: 1815


“Well that went rather well”.

Thanks to Alex for being sofa this year.

More thank you's:

To Jon, our Beanbag, for clinching important internal arrangements.

To Tim, because he is a fine steward of sweet, sweet cash.

To Becca and Peter for obtaining the computers for the LAN, an expenditure of considerable effort and time.

To Ian, Owain and Baz for running the LAN on the day, and to everyone who donated machines for this purpose.

To Daniel, for excellent publicity work.

To Smithers, for superb artwork, a great Picocon Wyrmtongue and sorting out the T-shirts.

To Ben, for auctioneering at a record-breaking open-air DoDM.

To Alban, for obtaining the dewar and liquid nitrogen, so that those offended by the items on offer could receive . . . cold comfort.

To everyone who lost their fiscal sanity at the aforementioned DoDM.

To Dave Clements for compering the Turkey Readings and Silly Games. (I couldn't make it along to these, but I gather they were a success. I have heard terrified mutterings about Black Mayonnaise and gigglings about the fact that hitting Peter counts as a noisemaker . . .)

To everyone who took part in Turkey Readings and the Silly Games.

To Ed (Adventure! Ed or the Hairless Bastard to some), for championing our noble institution in the fish duel that didn't happen, and trouting . . . sorry, I mean trouncing his opponent 6-1.

To Cristina, for undergoing re-entry from Space Holland to attend Picocon and being generally useful.

To LOTS OF PEOPLE for manning the front desk, doing Huxley Door duty, helping clear up, lifting various Stuff (and some Things), propping up the bar (*cough*Kai, Owain, Kath*cough*), watching me host a panel discussion under the influence of three pints, and otherwise holding Picocon together!

To everyone who made significant contributions that I nevertheless forgot to mention: may you never take your revenge!

Picocon Sofa:

Went well, especially:

Motion passed to do a turkey read next year.

What didn't go so well:

Thanks to:

For next year


Made lots of money, even though travel for authors ect. was more expensive, still made over £100 more than last year.

Around 180 people attended

Breakdown of Budget enclosed.

£100 of change should have been enough, but Tim's law of change acted, extra £40 was found during the day. £100 should be enough next year, this year was very popular.

Union screwed up paying in money (Shock!!!).

More Picocon stuff

Dave II&Alex did a lot of legwork in London fandom, going to BSFA meetings ect.

Also well publicised in internet fandom, LJ communities ect.

Dave Clements knows about these.

Ben: “It was awesome”

We really need the PA in DB's for the quiz

Stealing Felix's cart to move the vendors stuff across Beit=best plan

We raised over £450 for RAG and it was the best day ever.
Charity(last year was NLB):
-Book Aid (7 votes)
-National Library for the Blind (2 votes)
Passed – money to go to book aid.

Any Other Business

Tim: James Millen says that most SCC clubs fail at spending their budgets. We're much better :).

Dave: We will receive Queen Mary SF society's collection on Monday lunchtime

Tim: Will clarify the legality of dropping the membership fee
If allowed, all in favour, Passed.

Peter: People standing for next year's committee:



Chair of Vice





Scottish Dave


Drama John

Picocon Sofa

Adventure Ed (Who is a mad fool)



Picocon Beanbag

Adventure Dave





Adventure Ed: Want to start talking to authors

Dave: Final invite for anniversary, generally approved.
Need to email Peter Schreiber to get swipecard access for non-physists

Invite Fantasy Centre


Becca to make provisional bookings.

Send Tim transport cost estimate


“Everything was fine, nothing was ruined.”

Meeting Closed 1910.

Appendix: Budget